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Shandong Ginye Biotech Co., Ltd. is a integrated company whose main business is animal pharmaceutical / feed additive / pet products research development, production and trading. Our company cooperate with many famous animal health products research institution such as Shandong Agricultural Academy, China Veterinary Herb Medicine Industry Research Institute, Shandong Herb Medicine University, Shandong Agricultural University etc. to research and sales the latest research results / animal use finished products.

We Always Care Your Animals


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Now we have 2 modern GMP factories(10 production lines ) to produce more than one hundred products.


Product Quality is The Basis of The Company's Survival and Development.

Quality Assurance

Our company strives to focus ourselves on the product quality, mater...

Products Complaint

The company has established a related institution,procedure and reco...

Quality Control

The highest priority has always been placed on quality. From Raw Mat...


Welcome To Focus on Our Company's Affair News Technology News / Industry News.

09-05, 2021

We Pass New Version GMP Inspection

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08-27, 2021

Dairy disease,Prevention and treatment of four common diseases in dairy cows

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04-13, 2021

March 2021 The Fourth Phase China Veterinary Medicine Feed Raw Material Market A...

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