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Compound Cyromazine WSP 

Safe / Efficient / Long-Acting / Convenient 

COMPOSITION: Each gram contains 

Cyromazine .......................50 mg 

Protease, amylase carrier upto 1 g 

INDICATIONS: GINKILL PLUS can be used for chicken, laying hens, broilers, the growth of pigs, pregnancy or lactation sow, and other livestock, to control the number of livestock and poultry field fly and larvae, it is conducive to the improvement of livestock and poultry breeding environment, promote the healthy growth of animals and poultry, this product is easy to use, through the drinking water or feed given to control the growth of flies , and do not affect the rate of laying hens, broilers growth and poultry breeding, without a withdrawal period, after the use of livestock and poultry dung will not affect the normal growth of crops, no pollution to the environment. 


1. Its water soluble powder, easy to use save time and work. 

2. Little ammonia in animal house, dry excrement good commercial use value. 

3. Its not harmful to other animals, no pollution, safe and long acting. 

4. Little drug residue, safe for food, animal will get little disease brings by fly. 


1. Poultry: 100g per 2000L water or 1000kg feed 4-6 weeks continuously, Interval of 4 - 6 weeks, then use 4-6 weeks again with same dosage. 

2. Livestock: 100g per 1500L water or 750kg feed 4-6 weeks Continuously, Interval of 4 - 6 weeks , then use 4-6 weeks again with same dosage. 

3. Spray: 100g per 15L water spray to excrement 20M2 area. 

STORAGE: Store in a dry, shade place, Keep it away from children.Caked product not impact result. PACKING: 100g×100sachet/ctn 

VALIDITY: 3 years