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(Poultry Functional Herbal Extract for Coccidiosis )

Toltrazuril Diclazuril Replacer

Composition: per gram contains

Purslane Extract           20 mg

Poplar Flower Extract   20 mg

Areca-nut Extract         10 mg

Vitamin K3                   10 mg

Carrier upto                 1 gram

1. Repair Intestinal Mucosa and restore intestinal function rapidly.
2. Used for prevent and treatment coccidiosis of all stages like schizogony and gametogony stages stages of Eimeria spp. in chicken and turkey.
3. Make up the defect of traditional coccidium medicine drug resistance problem(such as Toltrazuril , Diclazuril,Sulfonamides), this product no
    drug resistance for long period medication.
4. Pure herbal extract product can be used for all stage of poultry. Green and healthy, no drug residue.

For oral administration via drinking water:
Poultry : 1kg per 1000L -1500L water, for 3-5 consecutive days.
Double dosage during serious condition.

Notice: This product has better treatment result when use with enteritis medicines.

Withdrawal times: None
Warning: Keep in cool place (5-25 β„ƒ). Keep out of reach of children.
Packing: Bag 500g 1000g 25kg.
Validity: 2 years