Herb-C W/S

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Herb-C W/S
Herb Extract For Antivirus & Improve Immunity
For Veterinary Use Only

Astragalus Extract--------50 mg
Vitamin C -------------------50 mg

Carrier---------------------upto 1g


1. Improve specific immunity and nonspecific immunity, Relieve all kinds of stress reaction effectively.

2. Use it with antibiotics to prevent and treatment bacterial and viral ( such as ND, IB, IBD, Viral Gastritis) mixed infection.
3. Use it before vaccination will strengthen vaccination effect, enhance antibody titer effectively.
4. Green&safe , suitable for use on all kinds of poultry.
For Oral Administration
Poultry: 1g for 10 chicken (2-2.5L water)
Double dosage for serious condition.  
STORAGE: Keep in cool and shade place
PACKING: 100g×100Bags/ctn, 250g×50Bags/ctn
VALIDITY: 2 years