Company one-day tour

Ginye company organized a one-day tour of Caishixi and Taishan West Lake

On June 1, Shandong Ginye Biotech Co., Ltd. organized home production, office staff and their families to participate in a one-day tour of Caishixi and Taishan West Lake. The purpose of this event is to allow colleagues to relieve their daily work pressure, boost morale, and increase communication opportunities.

At 7:30 in the morning, a group of nearly 40 people gathered and went to Caishixi with laughter and laughter. Caishixi has beautiful scenery and is known as "Taishan Xiaojiangnan". Due to the abundant rain this year, the water storage in Mount Tai has increased sharply, and the color of the stone stream is gurgling. The colorful stone creek after the rain is full of beautiful scenery. After the rain on the peaks, the green hills are like daisies, and the mountain springs gurgling down along the stream. The colorful stone stream, the painting is beautiful in the water, and the water is flowing in the painting. Fishes swim in groups in the stream, adding a lot of spiritual energy to the stream. Ten miles of mountain stream, colorful stones pave the bottom of the stream. The winding stream seems to be dyed by colored stones, and it is also like a multi-colored streamer, flowing here with exceptional spirit. Where the clear stream passes, the colored stones are warm and moist, and the lines on the stone are agile and flying. The stream is ups and downs because of the stone, and the colored stone is agile because of the stone. We walked up the stream and strolled along the stone-paved road. When the weather was comfortable, we stopped and walked, laughed and laughed, and stopped from time to time to enjoy the beautiful scenery in front of us.


Through this activity, everyone not only felt the beautiful scenery of Caishixi, and enjoyed the joy and relaxation of travel, but also felt the warmth and care of the company, which activated the team atmosphere and improved team cohesion.

With the continuous development and expansion of the company's scale, the thick and condensed corporate culture, and the gradual standardization and improvement of the management model, the humanized management of the company, the creation of a happy enterprise, and the improvement of the happiness index have been fully reflected; this tour is to enhance the company. The cohesion and friendship between the whole group is the starting point, and it is an activity for everyone to cultivate their mood, free their minds, hone their will and accompany their families to appreciate the great rivers and mountains of the motherland.

This travel activity not only relieved the employees' usual work pressure and nervousness, but also cultivated their sentiments, improved their self-cultivation, and then enhanced team cohesion, fully demonstrating the entrepreneurial spirit of our company. I am very grateful to the company for providing this trip. opportunity, all of us will devote more enthusiasm to future work.