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Mycotoxin Cleaner, Detoxification

Immune Booster Poultry Formula


Each gram contains

Yeast Polysaccharide............50mg

Bacillus subtilis   ≥ 1×109 CFU 

Carrier: Potassium sorbate , Herb extract etc.


1.Degrade mycotoxin and glucose organically, consume oxygen in intestinal tract, increase acid environment. Restrain harmful bacteria reproduction, decrease intestinal tract disease.

2. Reduce feed mildew obviously, restrain all kinds of mycotoxin, promote body toxin metabolism .

3. Enhance digestive enzyme activity, improve appetite, promote feed digestion, increase feed conversion.

4.Improve immunity and liver kidney detoxification function, it has good detoxification for disease and medicine poisoning.

 Usage & Dosage:

1 g per 3 liter of drinking water keep more than 7 days.

Double dosage during mycotoxin serious period.

Withdrawal Period: None


Stored with sealed packaging in a cool, dry and ventilated place.

Avoid to be exposed to the sun,rain,high temperature and high humidity.

 Package: 250g 500g 1kg bags bulk packing forms.

 Validity: 24 months